A Word From GOPure Pod

A Word From GOPure Pod

A Word From GOPure Pod


GOpure was created with a mission in mind; to change the way the world drinks water. We created a simple and affordable way for people to get clean drinking water from any tap with our portable water purifier, the GOpure Pod. Water is life, it is a pivotal source for our wellbeing, and it is imperative that during this current time of crisis we make hydration central to our self-care routines.

The human body is 70% water and we lose around 2 liters of water each day through normal bodily functions. A human can survive without food for up to 4 weeks, but without water, we can last for little more than 3 to 5 days. Further, water carries and distributes essential nutrients such as minerals and vitamins throughout the body while also removing waste products, including toxins. Hydration plays a central role in the biochemical break-down of the food we eat, and is also vital for other essential functions e.g. body temperature regulation, lubricating joints, keeping our eyes and mucous membranes moist and acting as a shock absorber for eyes, brain, spinal cord and even for the fetus in the womb.

Our current normal world feels quite scary and uncertain. COVID-19 at this point has affected many in our own communities, and the shelter in place edicts enacted across the country has become a source of stress and anxiety for all of us.

In a moment when the world feels unstable, we want all our customers to know that GOpure is here to ensure that your best wellness practices, especially healthy hydration, are readily available and not lost during this time of crisis when it’s even more vital. As we see to the health of ourselves, our families and the health of our nation and help ensure that everyone across the country has access to clean, healthy tap water, GOpure remains ready to ship our Pods on a daily basis.

The Science Behind GOPure Pod

For many of our customers, the GOpure Pod has become a welcome and easy addition to their daily habits. They know that these powerful, portable filters are ensuring their water remains optimized for healthy hydration. But many may not be fully aware of the science behind our product. So we wanted to take an opportunity to explain the technology behind the GOpure Pod as we all use this time to re-dedicate ourselves to our health, our hydration and our wellness.

At the core of the GOpure Pod is a powerful, renewable resource that has served as “nature’s filter” for over 20 million years; diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth, diatomite or DE as it is sometimes known as, is an organically occurring form of sedimentary rock, made up of small aquatic organisms known as “diatoms”. These diatoms are single-cell microorganisms that serve as the base of the food chain. When they die, they leave behind small silica shells that sink into the floors of lakes, oceans, rivers, and streams.

During the late Tertiary Period (approximately 5 million to 20 million years ago), massive deposits of diatoms were formed in the freshwater lakes, which covered much of what is now Nevada and eastern Oregon. It is from this mined diatomite that the PuriBloc ceramic is made. The ceramic also contains a mix of minerals, which are released into drinking water from the capsule to achieve a perfect balance of nutrients vital for human health.

Due to its many health benefits and the substance’s ability to be ground into a fine powder, DE can be easily ingested or integrated into other compounds to create various supplements. Some of the observed benefits of DE include increased detoxification, hormone balancing, the promotion of stronger bones, nails, and joints, and a wide variety of additional beneficial effects.

However, DE also boasts another critical benefit; it is an extremely effective and safe form of water filtration and therefore serves as the core engine for our GOpure Pod.