“It’s evidently clear there’s a drinking water crisis in this country. There’s a news story almost daily about contaminants and heavy metals coming from the tap water sources at home, in schools, fitness centers and workplaces. In a sophisticated country such as ours, this should not be the case. We should be able to confidently drink from the tap without worry of sickness or carcinogens impacting our long-term health. When I discovered this incredible technology, I instantly knew we had to bring it to the masses!” 

– Kent Atherton, CEO, GOpure Pod

We Started a Hydration Revolution – One Pod at a Time.

Like most journeys, they begin at home. After trying the GOpure Pod in a glass of tap water, Kent Atherton recalls, it was “love at first sip.” “What started as a product to remove toxins and improve the taste of tap water, became so much bigger when I realized the impact we could have on the environment by providing a better portable solution for anyone buying plastic water bottles and switching to GOpure Pod.”

We can all agree, America has a huge, and growing, tap water problem. Decades of reckless pesticide farming, massive chemical & pharmaceutical waste, and the aging infrastructure of water pipes means there’s an urgent need for change. Also, the increasingly harmful and profound impact of single-use plastic waste on our environment is getting massively worse.

GOpure Pod is the FIRST-EVER portable water purifier designed to remove toxins and contaminants from tap water, turning potable water sources into cleaner, better-tasting,refreshing water. What sets GOpure Pod apart is its portability. You can take the Pod wherever you go. This is revolutionary! An unparalleled ability to purify water from any potable (tap) water source. This eliminates the need to buy bottled water. The environmental impact is enormous as a single GOpure Pod replaces the equivalent of 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles from harming Mother Earth. A powerful and easy way for people to live more sustainably. 

Join our hydration revolution. Turn every sip from the tap into a statement of sustainability, purity, and progress. Together, we can make a difference, one GOpure Pod at a time. 

The People Behind GOpure Pod

Meet Kent and Katy Atherton, the forces behind GOpure Pod. United by a shared vision for a healthier world, Kent and Katy embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way we drink water. With their combined expertise and deep-rooted commitment to sustainable living, they set out to make a difference, one Pod at a time.

Kent Atherton


Serial entrepreneur and CEO, Kent Atherton, brings a wealth of experience leading start-ups and decades of sales & marketing prowess to the helm of GOpure. His enterprising spirit and tireless dedication to innovation paved the way for the discovery of PuriBloc, the revolutionary, advanced ceramic technology at the core of every GOpure Pod.

You can find Kent hustling day after day to bring GOpure to the masses. He’s the proud father of four children and two grandchildren, making his mission very personal, wanting clean water and a cleaner planet for the next generation.  

Katy Kinsella Atherton


Katy Kinsella Atherton brings an endless curiosity for finding new products that inspire and make you feel good. Her unwavering belief that small, everyday choices create huge and lasting impact drives the brand's eco-conscious initiatives. GOpure Pod is more than a product; it's a movement and a symbol. A symbol of a conscientious choice to better the world we live in. Katy believes community is at the heart of success. GOpure partners with local communities and environmental organizations to inspire people to make small, smarter choices when it comes to drinking water and encourages people to skip the plastic! Every GOpure Pod sold contributes to a greener planet and a brighter future for generations to come.