GOpure Pod Portable Water Purifier


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GOpure Pod Portable Water Purifier

Purify tap water, everywhere.

You’re going to think the world of this powerful little Pod. Because while it keeps impurities, toxins, and contaminants out of your water and out of your body, it also protects oceans and landfills from plastic pollution.

Order our new fully sustainable, package-free glass vial. Want to go even greener? Send back your Pod, and we will recycle it for you.

Why Use GOpure?

Powerful Water Purification

The ceramic Pod acts as a magnet to attract impurities and release valuable trace minerals.

Eliminates Impurities

The Pod helps eliminate potentially harmful contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, and microplastics while also destroying viruses and bacteria.

No Biofilm Build-Up

Never worry about that slimy biofilm build-up in your pet bowl again!

Superior Quality

Pod Water is Just Better.

Better-tasting, Pure & Clean

Our Pods are compact and lightweight, so they can easily be used on the go!

So, How Does it Work?

GOpure's water purifier for pets is equipped with a high-strength suction cup that safely attaches to the base of your pet bowl. Water flows through the openings in the exterior shell (the blue part) and is constantly purified through the GOpure Pod which removes all impurities and other contaminants from the water, keeping your dog or cat healthier!

Key Features

Easy to carry/portable

Puribloc Technology

High-strength suction cups

Life span of 6 months

Simple and safe to use

Purifies water in just 2 minutes once dropped in!


Purify On The Go

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

The power within every Pod comes from an unlimited and renewable resource that has been trusted by Mother Nature for over 20 million years. She calls it diatomaceous earth(DE). We call it revolutionary technology. Every Pod features an “advanced ceramic” core made from DE and trace silver that performs like a magnet to continuously attract, bind and adsorb every heavy metal, inorganic, bacteria, impure chemicals and more.

A simple little cleansing ritual is all that’s required for the first use of every Pod.

Step 1: Rinse the Pod under cold water for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Cleana your bottle or water container thoroughly before filling with water and using your Pod for the first time.

Step 3: Repeat every two weeks for optimal performance. Yep, preparation and maintenance of your Pod and your bottle is that simple.

Congrats and welcome to our Pod! The preparation and maintenance of your Pod (bonus - your water bottles too!) is super simple:

Step 1: For your Pod’s very first use – remove Pod from packaging and rinse it under cold water for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Clean your bottle or water container thoroughly before filling with water and using Pod for the first time. TRUST the Pod will also keep your bottle and container clean and free from film and bacteria too!

Step 3: Repeat this cleanse process every two weeks for optimal performance.

GOpure Pod is designed for everyday use and works 24/7 to keep fresh tasting water and your water bottles clean, so say bye-bye to bottle slime, stinkiness and constantly cleaning your water bottles!


Welcome to the Pod’s powerful and mighty ‘magnet-like’ technology! The secret within every Pod is a resource that has been trusted by Mother Nature for over 20 million years. She calls it diatomaceous earth (DE).

We call it our revolutionary “Elimination Hero!”

Inside each Pod is an “advanced ceramic” core that combines DE and Elemental Silver into millions of microscopic pores to continuously attract, bind and adsorb chemical toxins, fluoride, heavy metals, lead, microplastics, bacteria and much more. The Pod is designed to be a 24-hour workhorse – continuously eliminating toxins in your water to produce better taste and healthier hydration.

Step 1: Drop your Pod into any water container (i.e., your reusable bottle, a single glass, fridge carafe, gallon jugs for emergency storage, etc.)

Step 2: Give container a quick swirl, the Pod starts working immediately!

Step 3: Wait two minutes for Pod to fully activate before your first sip.

Step 4: Enjoy great-tasting, purified water all day, every day!

A little agitation from that quick stir or swirl speeds up the purification process. Remember, the Pod will continuously purify your water, including every time you refill your container – so just leave it in your container to work its magic!

On average, a single Pod lasts 6 months. We designed the Pod to be long-lasting with your busy lifestyle in mind.

Many Pod users have asked the question: “How can one Pod possibly last so long?” Well, unlike your old school carbon filter that has to be replaced every 40 gallons, our advanced ceramic technology can purify up to 264 gallons of water (6x more than carbon filters!). For those who like math, money and care about the planet – this equates to eliminating 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles from harming Mother Earth and saves you thousands of dollars on buying bottled water!

As a rule of thumb, we say every 6 months if you’re using the Pod daily. It’s easier to remember than 264 gallons of water! We have an EASY way to ensure you always have a replacement, we can send you a new Pod every six months. Just sign up for our subscription program and we’ll take care of the rest. Commitment issues? No worries. We’ll send you an email reminder instead, 30 days before your replacement date so you can reorder at your leisure. Our packaging is earth-friendly, but you can go even greener with our package-free Pod delivery service. Speaking of green, every Pod is fully recyclable after use, or you can send it back to us and we will repurpose it.


Where there’s a tap, we got your back. The GOpure Pod purifies water from potable (tap) water sources.

We know about the scary stuff lurking in tap water. With the Pod, you can start filling your water bottle and rest assured that extra purification and toxin elimination is hard at work.

Drop that Pod in your reusable water container and run errands stress-free and hydrated! Pod your water for school pick-ups, outdoor events, airport travel, concerts, hiking and the gym. At work, you can sit at your desk and safely refill from office taps to hit your hydration goals.

While the Pod has been proven to remove E. coli and other dangerous bacteria, it is not recommended to purify backcountry water (lakes, rivers, streams, etc.) and should be used with potable water only.


GOpure is equally effective in cold or hot water and optimizes pH to 7.4 creating healthier joints, bones, heart and skin. The Pod keeps your bottle, pitcher, hydration pack and more, clean from slime and stinkiness too! Use in water reservoir of coffee maker to improve taste and prevent mold; Use in vase to prolong life of fresh cut flowers; use in humidifier to prevent biofilm; use in pet water bowl to keep slime free and water fresh.


Great question here! So, why are minerals so important for our water? Minerals are chemical elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. These elements are essential to the structure of the body and also its function and they are therefore fundamental to our diet. Chemical and electrical processes are continuously happening within our body and these can only function correctly if there is a proper balance of minerals present. We replenish spent minerals through the food we eat and water we drink. Water in particular, if deficient in essential minerals, actually makes matters worse by removing minerals from the body as nature attempts to maintain mineral balance between body fluids and the deficient water. Thus it is vitally important to human health that the water we drink is correctly mineralized.

Most drinking water is mineral deficient. GOpure Pod’s ceramic core contains a mix of minerals which are released into drinking water to achieve a perfect balance of minerals important for human health. DE does not have a significant capacity to adsorb minerals or nutrients once dissolved in water so adding electrolytes to water with GOpure Pod is ok.

Born to purify, this tiny yet mighty water purifier makes more than just water better! Here are a few common ways people rave about when using their Pod:

  • Wake up and Pod! The Pod provides a major upgrade to your morning cup of coffee. Just leave the Pod in the water reservoir in your coffee machine and taste the difference!
  • Folks swear their fresh flowers, plants, holiday trees and herbs last weeks longer with a Pod in the vase!
  • Your pets deserve the healthiest, freshest water in their bowl – the Pod provides toxin-free water to our fur family!
  • Prevent biofilm in humidifiers and mist cleaner air with a Pod in your diffuser or humidifier
  • No more hangovers when drinking Pod-decanted wine? So we’ve been told!

Our packaging is earth-friendly, but we give you the option to go even greener with our package-free Pod delivery service. Every Pod is fully recyclable after use, and you can send your Pod back to us after 6 months of use, and we’ll repurpose it for you.

What about that cute glass vial? Our users tell us they love to store their Pod in it when they travel, but since most users keep their Pods INSIDE their water bottle. many use the glass vials for extra Pod storage or mark them with a sharpie for use (i.e., “pet dish Pod”, “plants and flower vase Pod”, “coffee reservoir Pod”, etc.) We also have seen some very creative Pod lovers use their extra vials for windowsill herb gardens, organization tools to store small kitchen spices, desktop bud vases, even jewelry storage! Check our social handles to find more ways to use your glass vials.

  • DO add lemon or fresh citrus, herbs or electrolytes to your drinking water – all Pod approved. When adding small hydration packets or powders to your water, we recommend that you rinse the Pod more often.
  • DO use hot (not boiling) water, GOpure is equally effective in cold or hot water and optimizes pH to 7.4 creating healthier joints, bones, heart and skin.
  • DO use the Pod to keep water fresh in larger containers. Rule of thumb is one Pod per gallon.
  • DO prep for emergencies with the Pod! Safely store large gallon jugs of water for up to six months for when Mother Earth acts up. (Let’s not make her angrier with wasteful single-use plastic water bottles that are also damaging to your health.) Remember, add one Pod to each gallon jug for optimal performance!
  • DON’T use your Pod to purify river, ocean or any non-potable water
  • DON’T worry about putting away your Pod after each use, remember, it goes wherever you go and can hang in your water containers around the clock!

Well, it looks like you are Good to GO! We hope our FAQ’s answered all your Q’s! If we missed anything, please email: and we will be sure to get back to you!

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