Powerful Filtration That Fits in Your Palm

The GOpure Pod

A Smarter Way to Stay Hydrated

Remove impurities, balance pH, and release electrolytes into your tap water with the GOpure Pod, the portable water filter that fits in your favorite water bottle and keeps it clean.

Removes 99% of Lead
and Arsenic, 97% of
Chlorine and Fluoride

Portable Purification

Go Ahead, Drink That Tap Water

Get your daily water intake without expensive, single-use plastic bottled water. Just drop the Pod into your Kleen Kanteen, S’Well, Hydroflask—any reusable container—to enjoy great-tasting water from any tap.

gopure pod in thermos

One Pod = 2,000 Plastic Bottles

Help save our planet and reduce waste as you drink with the GOpure Pod. One Pod lasts for 264 gallons, or about 2,000 plastic water bottles.


Keep Water Fresher, Longer

The Pod lasts 6X longer than carbon filters — up to 264 gallons with no filter changes. And with a subscription, you never have to worry about when to replace your Pod.


Untap the Potential

Through its revolutionary ceramic technology, GOpure removes lead, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, and many more impurities from your tap water—even your pet’s water bowl.

“[…] Hydration is key for a good workout. But what’s equally important is making sure the water you’re drinking is clean and tastes great to propel your workout to the next level. […]”

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“[…] more research has been conducted on the effects of fluoride as well as other common contaminants found in drinking water, we are beginning to see correlating adverse impacts that have arisen from the use of fluoridation. […]”

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“I've purchased 4 pods now for my family. We have one in the coffee maker reservoir and the others we keep in our water bottles. We double filter water using either a pitcher filter or the filter on the refrigerator and then use the pods in our travel cups. We've eliminated the cases of plastic water bottles we used to purchase.”

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“[…] Let’s not let their good work go to waste. Join us, keep on innovating and let’s get this planet back on the right track. […]”

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