The First Ever Portable Water Filter

Save Money, Save the Planet! Start Drinking Pure, Better-Tasting Water Today!

Welcome to the Pod!

GOpure Pods are designed with a revolutionary PuriBloc technology - a portable ceramic filter made of DE (diatomaceous earth), which is nature's perfect filter for the purest water along with Elemental Silver, that eliminates bacteria and prevents biofilm formation.

Did you know that just one GOpure Pod saves 2K plastic bottles from harming Mother Earth? Join the Movement of eliminating plastic waste and enjoying healthier hydration wherever you go.

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Benefits of Using GOpure Pod

Earth Friendly

GOpure Pod is completely natural and made of diatomaceous earth, nature's "perfect filter"

PuriBloc Technology

GOpure's innovative process introduces a revolutionary advanced ceramic technology

Reduces Pollution

Each Pod purifies 264 gallons of water, eliminating 2,000 disposable plastic water bottles

Works In Any Container

The Pod is portable and able to be dropped into any water container - bottle, pitcher, coffee maker, hydra pack, humidifier, flower vase, etc.


A Pod For Pets Too!

GOpure's water purifier for pets is equipped with a high-strength suction cup that safely attaches to the base of your pet bowl. Water flows through the openings in the exterior shell (the blue part) and is constantly purified through the GOpure Pod which removes all impurities and other contaminants from the water, keeping your dog or cat healthier and water bowl clean!

Key Features

Easy to carry/portable

PuriBloc Technology

High-strength suction cups

Life span of 6 months

Simple and safe to use

Prevents biofilm, keeps bowls clean & water fresh

What Our Customers Say

I have been using the pods for over 6 months and they work great. I put them in my Brita pitcher with a filter as added protection. I think there is a large quantity of fluoride in our water as our dog was puking on a daily basis until I started using the pods. My email address was changes due to hacking so lost your response. Is it overkill to use both a pod and Brita filter?
Thank you,


I absolutely love the Gopure pods!! Water tastes wonderful and I know its better for me than plain tap water!! Thank you so much!! I drink more because it tastes soooo good!


Thank you for reaching out! I’ve been trying to cut my use of plastics for several years now. I filter my tap water, buy reusable bottles, and this is my 2nd purchase of GOpure, which I share with others. I love how long GOpure lasts and is so easy to use.


My primary home has well water, which is perfectly fine. However, all of my work is out-of-town, most particularly in one city. I'm fortunate to have a small home there, which I love -- but the municipal water is (in my opinion) undrinkable. When GOpure came into my lifeI realized it could be the answer to that issue and might allow me to stop buying gallon after gallon of spring water.


Love your product! The taste of my water is pure & clean with no funny smells. Works great for other drinks too. Thank you for creating such a great product & keeping it affordable as well.

Nadine Alterman

I’ve been using Gopure for over a year and out of all of my methods, including Britta, and a Japanese charcoal stick, I find gopure is the easiest and taste good too! it’s a great idea! Thanks for your message.

Kathleen Cairns

Love your product! The taste of my water is pure & clean with no funny smells. Works great for other drinks too. Thank you for creating such a great product & keeping it affordable as well. Nadine Alterman

I love my GoPure pod! I have used it everyday for six months, in my water bottle. I taste a definite, good difference in my water. I am now on my second pod. Thank you for making such a small, natural filter for my water bottle.


Really like my GOpure that I ordered.
Cuts down on the plastic water bottles!! Have ordered one for my daughter & sister. Really like the taste of my water now!!

How is my Pod working for me? Well, I LOVE it and thankful for the invention.Here’s the thing... even traveling within a first world country, the source & quality of water can be a concern. At least that’s how see it. So now, when I travel anyplace, I use the Pod in my stainless steel water bottle. I first found your product when I was heading to Europe for 6 months and didn’t want to worry about the quality of the water in different countries. Using the Pod gives me one less thing I to worry about knowing I have safe drinking water at all times.So, thanks for a great way to have safe drinking water and for the ability to help me reduce the single use, plastic water bottles!

DiAnn Bottomley