Portable Purification

GoPure purifies naturally. Inside the Pod is an advanced, highly porous ceramic made from food grade minerals of biogenic origin and processed with patented technology that continuously attracts and adsorbs impurities, balances pH and releases valuable trace minerals. The result is fresh, great-tasting drinking water!


Adsorbs many soluble impurities
or other contaminants


Preserves freshness, prevents
odors that lead to bad taste


Re-mineralizes and optimizes pH
for healthier water

Pure water everywhere you go

The GoPure Pod continuously purifies and enhances your water on the go ensuring clean, healthy, and great tasting water

*Only suitable for use with potable water. Keep out the reach of children under 3: choking hazard.

The Science Behind GoPure Is Simple, Yet Revolutionary!

At the heart of the GoPure Pod is an advanced ceramic, which has a doubly porous structure by virtue of its composition…

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