You had me at hydration.

You had me at hydration.

Kent Atherton
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Drink your way to better health every day with GOpure pod.

Water is an essential nutrient that all humans need to survive. After all, the human body is roughly 60% made of water. Keeping properly hydrated throughout the day is second nature – or at least, it should be.

There are a range of ways in which to keep yourself hydrated like a balanced diet (yay!) or sports drinks (meh!). We created GOpure Pod as a way to stay hydrated and take the pressure off secretly wondering if your tap water is filled with toxins or harmful. Every GOpure Pod is designed with an “advanced ceramic” core made from diatomaceous earth and trace silver that eliminates MAJOR contaminants present in most tap water including harmful metals, odor, micro plastics and bacteria.

The Versatility of the GOpure Pod

The power of the pod goes beyond its filter - the versatility and portability is unmatched by any other product. Because GOPure Pod is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it’s easily used in a variety of different containers. 

Here are a few ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine and live your best hydrated life!

Use It Right At Home

Drop a GOpure Pod in a regular water jug in your refrigerator at home and drink the pure and clean water all day, everyday.

Those old school carbon filters that need to be repurchased and replaced every 2 months are yesterday’s news. They are also costly and unsustainable. And, life is busy, so sometimes we simply forget to replace it after 2 months; that basically means you’re drinking unfiltered (scary) tap water! 

GOpure Pod lasts up to 6 months and purifies 264 gallons of water. Imagine the amount of waste you’re saving the Earth and that extra money in your pocket! 

I’ll take my hydration to go, please.

These GOpure Pods can truly go anywhere, and anyplace you do. Drop in your reusable water bottle for your commute to work, heading to your next vacation, or out walking the dog, a hike or in the car doing errands. You can refill your bottle from ANY faucet, and rest assured you’re drinking the purest water possible. 

Would you let your pet drink harmful water? 

Picture this: Walking your pet for a play date at your neighborhood dog park, and you have to refill their bowl from the faucet at the park – ick! There are likely so many bacterial contaminants and even physical dirt that can get into that water bowl. 

But with our help, you can use one of our specially designed pet pods whenever your pet is thirsty. Just snap the Pod into the suction plate, which attaches to most pet bowls, and your furry friend will enjoy clean water, too! The GOpure Pet can also live in your pet’s home water bowl, or if you have inside animals, like cats!

Hydration is a Life.

What could be more healthy than treating your body well with the right nutrients it deserves? And as much as we champion water as a vital part of each individual person’s health, we believe water should also be a sustainable initiative to the world around us, too. The GOpure water filter purifies up to a six month period and 264 gallons of water - that saves 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles! Yea, let that sink in.

With figures that high, it’s crazy to think about how much one person, and just one Pod, can have an impact on everyone else. We are all water fans (whether you admit to it or not), and incorporating and sharing how we keep ourselves and the environment around us healthy is a lifestyle choice. 

If clean water, sustainability, and communities growing and thriving sound good to you -  hit us up on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and please let us know how exactly you stay hydrated and support our planet's water, and if you incorporate GOpure Pods into your everyday life!

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