With Pure Thanks...

With Pure Thanks...

Kent Atherton
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As the holiday season approaches, and we begin to wrap up the final weeks of 2022, our GOpure team has been reflecting on this past year. We want to take a moment to say thank you to our loyal ‘Pod’ - a great conscious community of clean water champions. The commitment to your own health through cleaner, pure water and to saving our planet from harmful plastics is something to be celebrated. The last several years have been difficult for everyone around the world. While our concerns aren’t completely gone, GOpure is grateful to contribute to a better health environment in our unique way. One thing this trying time has taught us is to never take good health for granted! We are thankful to still be able to provide people with a product that helps them live healthier lifestyles, everywhere they go, every day. We stand proud to be the only truly portable water purifier. We are good for the body…good for the planet…and good to go. Anywhere!


Mother Earth’s health is always on our mind. Climate change is very real, plastic pollution is so damaging, and we’re seeing the negative effects created by humans in real time. One GOpure Pod saves the planet from 2,000 plastic water bottles! We encourage everyone to practice mindfulness and give gratitude for the planet that gives so much back to us.


We created the GOpure Pod because we saw a huge problem in the world. Single-use plastic water bottles create massive harm to Earth, and their water can contain microplastics and other toxins which are harmful to drink. Not to mention, this is quite an expensive way to hydrate (just one plastic bottle of water costs anywhere from $1.50 -$5.00!) While tap water is free, it is NOT pure, doesn’t taste very good, and contains a lot of hidden nasties you do not want to ingest! We knew the market was lacking a solution to provide healthier, better water ‘on-the-go’...so we got to work.

Our mission was so much more than providing good hydration with ‘filtered water’ – there are plenty of brands and types of water filtration products available out there. We wanted to create a water purifier that uses revolutionary, natural technology to purify virtually any water source, while reducing plastic pollution and providing convenience - which is why we designed the Pod to be used in any reusable container you have! The fact that we have seen so much growth at GOpure this year is because of YOU! Whether you’re purchasing the GOpure Pod for its portability, its positive impact on Earth, or simply its power to purify a wide range of water contaminants, we applaud you for being an eco-conscious consumer.


In anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we have a special gift just in time for the holidays! Enjoy 25% off sitewide while supplies last.

BONUS: Since there are SO many ways to use the Pod (purify the water in your coffee reservoir and keep it biofilm-free, purify water in vases for flowers to extend their life, herb storage and more!) on top of it being the season for GIFTING - we want to offer you an additional 10% off for any purchase over $125 (35% off)! The GOpure Pod is the GO-TO gift for everyone on your list. You can feel good about giving the gift of clean water this season to those you love, as well as giving back to the planet.

We would love to hear about what you are thankful for this season, and the ways you use your GOpure Pod! Send us an email or head over to our social channels and drop us a note! We wish you and yours a happy and hydrated Thanksgiving…in good health!

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