Why the GOpure Pod is a Fitness Must Have

Why the GOpure Pod is a Fitness Must Have

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When it comes to fitness, hydration is critical. Water does so much to keep us safe during extraneous activity and ensures that we are getting the most benefit from our workouts. But today, water contamination has become such a widespread issue that hydration has become a problem for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. By drinking unpurified water during your workouts, you could actually be doing serious harm to your body. That’s why integrating a portable water purifier like the GOpure Pod is crucial to creating a healthy, active and safe fitness routine.

Image of the Pod with tennis shoes, ear buds, and a water bottle.Why is Hydration so Important for Your Fitness Routine

Staying hydrated is essential for anyone, but it is especially necessary for active fitness enthusiasts. From regulating our body temperature to keeping our joints lubricated, water ensures that we are getting the most benefit from our workout routines.

What’s more, by transporting key nutrients throughout the body, proper hydration can aid in recovery and therefore has a direct impact on the ATP cycle required to keep our bodies adequately energized throughout strenuous workouts.

What Happens When I Workout While Dehydrated

Exercising while dehydrated can lead to a considerable amount of undesirable side effects. When you exercise without adequate water in your body, it becomes increasingly difficult for the heart to pump blood. Therefore, without proper hydration, your cardiovascular system is going to have to work double time to get you through strenuous activity.

Is Your Body Telling You It Needs More Water?

If your dehydration becomes more severe, the side effects can be even more dangerous. Higher levels of dehydration while engaging in moderate to vigorous exercise can lead to heat stroke, kidney failure, and seizures.

Why Fitness Enthusiasts Need Purified Water Specifically

Photo of a Pod Partner - ambassador drinking water As fitness enthusiasts, we know that we need to treat our bodies far better than the average American. That’s why we integrate alongside our exercise routines clean diets and other healthy lifestyle choices. But how many of us think about the quality of water we put into our body?

A recent study on water quality in some of America’s fastest-growing cities showed that nearly 75% of all Americans drink tap water and of that group, over 55% are concerned with water tap contamination. This contamination can lead to a wide array of adverse health effects and can make us more prone to certain diseases and cancers.

What’s more, not only does filtered water protect us from negative effects but it also can create plenty of positive health effects specifically for athletes. By drinking properly filtered water, you can increase nutrient absorption, stimulate weight loss and boost detoxification. When your body does not have to work as hard to remove impurities, it can instead focus on recovery and maximization of exercise benefits.

As athletes, we need to take special care to ensure that what we are putting into our bodies is clean and promotes our healthy lifestyle. Food alone is not enough; we also need to be thinking specifically about what we drink.

What the GOpure Pod Does for Your Fitness Routine

Fitness enthusiasts are always on the go; whether they’re heading to the gym or taking long runs outside. That’s why a portable water purifier like the GOpure Pod is essential for anyone with an active fitness routine. By simply dropping one small pod into a reusable container, you can quickly turn tap water into a purified, clean and healthy hydration source; simplifying your life and your workouts.

The GOpure Pod is one of the most effective purifiers, removing 99% of Lead and Arsenic and 97% of Chlorine and Fluoride while also releasing electrolytes and valuable trace minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium to help athletes refuel their systems after strenuous workouts. The Pod will effectively purify your water for approximately 264 gallons, which will account for about six months worth of workouts.

As fitness enthusiasts, we know that what we put into our bodies has a dramatic effect on our exercise routines. But our on the go lifestyle and workouts can often force us to ignore proper hydration. But the truth is, the effects of purified water for fitness enthusiasts is immeasurable. That’s why we created the GOpure Pod, to ensure that you can always have clean, health-promoting water available for your next workout.

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