5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

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The summer is the best time in the world for your Dog. Our furry friends love the longer daylight hours, the increased walks and the release of endorphins that comes naturally with more time in the sun. And when they get inside after a long hot summer’s walk, there is nothing better than watching your best friend relax, content that they soaked up all that Vitamin D and got some excellent exercise.

But during the summer months, it’s especially important that we take care of our pet’s hydration. Keeping your dog cool is critical if you want to ensure they have a fun, healthy summer.

Unfortunately, animals don’t always know what’s best for them. It’s up to us as dog owners to ensure that their needs are being met. Just because your dog is dehydrated, doesn’t necessarily mean it will drink the amount of water it needs. That’s why we came up with a few fun tricks to help ensure that your pet is getting the amount of water it needs during the hot summer months.

1. Keep More Water Bowls In The House

Let’s face it; most dogs are pretty lazy. That’s what we love about them. One healthy morning walk or play session, and they probably won’t have much energy left. Chances are, they are going to spend the rest of the day sleeping around. They most likely won’t want to exert the energy to walk across the house to their water bowl. So make hydrating easier for them. Set a few extra bowls around the house, centering them near your pet’s favorite sleeping area. More opportunity for drinking means more hydration, and you will be one step closer to keeping your pet cool this summer.

2. Add Water To Their Food

Your pet may not always listen to its impulse to drink, but chances are it will listen to its desires to eat. Especially if you’ve made their food a little more enticing with the addition of a special treat. It’s always smart to catch more bees with honey. Add a little water to your pet’s food and top it off with a really high-value treat. Your pet will probably gobble it up so fast that it won’t even realize how much water it’s taking in.

3. Make a Frozen Popsicle For Your Pet

Our pet’s love novelty. Anything new is unbelievably exciting for an animal. Make a tradition of freezing water into popsicles, and possibly even consider adding low-sodium broth to punch up the flavor. Pets, especially dogs, love to lick ice cubes. Just a few minutes of playing with a popsicle can give your pet a massive boost in its hydration.

4. Keep Your Pet’s Bowls Clean

Every animal is different. Some dogs won’t mind drinking out of a dirty, muddy, grimy bowl. Others can be a little pickier. So don’t take any chances. Even the littlest bit of dirt could be turning your pet away from drinking. Take a few moments before serving your animal water to ensure that the surface is clean, shiny, and ready for your animal to drink out of. One way to ensure your dog’s dish is germ-free is to add a GOpure Pet Water Purifier to their bowl. The pod purifies and enhances the water, preventing slimy buildup in the bowl.

5. Offer Water Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand

What’s the one thing your pup loves most? That’s right- it’s you! Make drinking water a fun, bonding activity for you and your dog. Hold a little bit of water in your hand and see if that entices your pup to drink. Dogs first and foremost want safety and security, and there’s no one that they trust more than you. If your animal is having a hard time drinking, see if making it a more personal experience does the trick.

Water is the source of life for so much on our earth. It’s vital for us to remain healthy, and it’s just as crucial for our furry friends. We have a responsibility as the owners of these fantastic creatures to ensure we are tending to their every need.

The hotter months can be a particularly difficult time for your animal’s hydration. But by working hard to keep your dog cool, they can enjoy every last moment of the sun. Our pets get so much joy out of the summer, don’t let dehydration take that away from them. Don’t forget to stop by our shop and order your GoPure Pod today!

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