Summer’s Thumb-Sized Travel SAVIOR! (Seriously, it’s tiny but mighty!)

Summer’s Thumb-Sized Travel SAVIOR! (Seriously, it’s tiny but mighty!)

Mandy Caldwell
4 minute read

With summer in full swing, vacation plans are quickly approaching. Hot, sunny days mean catching flights and road trips! When it comes to your time off of work, there are many things you need to pack — basic necessities such as toiletries and clothes, and some items for comfort that make you feel like you’re at home in your bed. You already know the personal items that go in your luggage, but we are be going over the most essential item that has to go on your packing list.

The most important item to have during your trips is the GOpure Pod, the smallest portable water filter on the market. When you’re traveling, it may seem convenient to buy plastic water bottles at the airport or a gas station. However, single-use plastic water bottles are detrimental for the environment, and not to mention expensive! 

Save Your Money and the Earth

It’s the worst feeling waiting in a long line at airport check-in, and you are out of water! You buy a bottle of water in single-use plastic inside the terminal for an exorbitant amount of money. Or when your plans are taking a road trip and you have to buy water at the gas station, seconds after spending an arm and a leg for the super high gas prices these days. Not only is buying single-use plastic water bottles expensive, but you don’t want to end up with a pile of plastic bottles in your car at the end of your trip (or throwing them away in a trash bin where it doesn’t get recycled!)

Airports have plenty of refill stations to keep you hydrated, and with GOpure Pod, you can drink tap water safely and economically on the road. Save your money to enjoy the vacation and bring along a reusable bottle and our tiny but mighty portable water filter.

Access to Clean Water

Staying hydrated on vacation should be your top priority. The hot weather, traveling, and outdoor activities can lead to dehydration and grogginess if you don’t have clean water – and who wants to be fatigued and thirsty on a vacation?! Packing a reusable water bottle and a GOpure Pod is the perfect way to maintain hydration and alertness. Don’t worry, both are TSA-approved (make sure your bottle is empty before airport security!), easy to pack in your carry-on bag, and hassle-free to bring on road trips. 

We keep mentioning that a reusable water bottle and the GOpure Pod are a perfect pair, but why do they get along so well? It’s simple! Fill up your reusable bottle with tap water from the sink or a refill station and drop in your GOpure Pod. The pod will be activated in just 2 minutes. And you’re probably wondering, how long can you use each GOpure Pod? Well, the answer is 6 months! One GOpure Pod purifies 264 gallons of water, which is definitely enough for your vacation and post-vacation for daily use at home.

 Plus, it removes 97% of chlorine, nitrate, nitrite, and fluoride, AND is also designed to remove metals from water. Can you believe all these benefits come in the smallest portable water purifier?

Traveling with the only portable water purifier on the market and a reusable water bottle allows you to save money, have access to purified water at all times, and helps keep the earth healthy by reducing plastic waste!

Learn more about the GOpure Pod here or order a pack for your family now in time for your next trip!

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