Say Hello To The Best Portable Water Purifier On The Planet

Say Hello To The Best Portable Water Purifier On The Planet

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Say Hello To The Best Portable Water

Purifier On The Planet 

There are tiny bugs, viruses, and other icky things in the world. Even if you cant see them, they're lurking in water sources (no matter how clear the water is) ready to get you sick.

Water is something we put into our bodies on a daily basis, therefore it's critical that the waterwe drink is of the highest purity and potability.

Even small amounts of impurities may contain cumulative poisons that accumulate in our systems over time, causing long-term harm to our physical health. Either at the source, through seepage of contaminated run-off water, or within the piped distribution system, our health can be compromised when impurities contaminate drinking water.

Luckily, water purifiers are an effective solution to combating this scary risk.

What is a water purifier?

Even though traveling with several amounts of bottled water is a solution. It isn’t an effective one. The bottles create ecological problems, particularly for people that don’t have access to recycling methods.

A water purifier is a device that eliminates 90-95% of all impurities from water. There is now clear evidence that simple, acceptable, low-cost purifiers at the home and community levels are capable of substantially increasing the microbiological quality of household stored water and lowering the associated risks of sickness and mortality.

Due to their strong capabilities, purifiers must be the cornerstone of every drinking water system in order to provide really clean water.

This is done usually done in two methods of purification:

Reverse osmosis is comparable to filtration in that it forces all water particles through a very small semi-permeable membrane rather than a contaminant-grabbing medium. Any particles that were too big to follow the flow of the water are eliminated by forcing it through this semi-permeable barrier.

Water distillation is a method of ater purification that employs a heat source to evaporate water and separate it from impurities. Water's boiling point is lower than that of the pollutants and minerals it contains. This implies that if untreated water is boiled, it will convert into vapor and leave everything else behind. The condenser then allows the steam to return to liquid water in a different region from where it began.

Benefits of a purifier

Other than the obvious, removal of impurities. A purifier also:
1. Provides Better Health

Water purifiers guarantee that our bodies get only pure and clean water that is free of toxins and free of impurities.

2. Environmental Benefits

Every year, more than 65 percent of plastic bottles end up as garbage, polluting the environment. Not to mention the amount of CO2 emitted in transporting the bottles around the world.

3. Save Money

Never mind spending money on bottled water for the entire family. It is an illogical approach, especially given the availability of cutting-edge water filtration technology.

4. Save Time

To live an efficient productive life, instead of heating water and utilizing sluggish water filtration containers, you could invest your time in installing a water purifier.

The Best Purifier For You

Finding the best portable water filter may be a difficult process at times. There are several

models on the market, and it is tough to determine which one will outperform the others. That’s why we created the GOPure Pod Purifier. Powered by an unlimited and renewable resource called the diatomaceous earth (DE) it is

Completely natural and made of food-grade diatomaceous earth, nature's "perfect filter"


The innovative purification process introduces a revolutionary advanced ceramic technology


Portable and adaptable it is able to be dropped into any device, from a water bottle to a coffee maker


Each Pod purifies 264 gallons of water, eliminating 2,000 disposable plastic water bottles

According to The Potable water and Hygiene Laboratory, Gottingen University, Germany our purifier eliminates bacteria down as low as 0.22 microns in particle size. From anti bacteria like E Coli, inorganic chemicals like nitrate, and metals such as aluminum the Gopure pod is a powerful travel companion.

Unlike your old school carbon filter that has to be replaced every 40 gallons, our advanced ceramic technology lasts up to six months, our pod is purifying up to 264 gallons of water.

If there’s a tap, there’s purified water.

Our pod is also equally effective in cold or hot water and optimizes pH to 7.4 creating healthier joints, bones, heart and skin. The Pod keeps your bottle, pitcher, hydration pack and more, clean from slime and stinkiness too!

You deserve the safest, purest, and cleanest water available. Learn more about the GoPure Pod now.

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