Hiking Water Filter

The GOpure Pod: Your Essential Hiking Water Filter

Embark on a Hydration Adventure with the GOpure Pod


When the wilderness calls, the GOpure Pod answers. Hiking isn’t just a pastime; it’s an odyssey of discovery, and every hiker knows the importance of pure, refreshing water on their journey. That’s where the GOpure Pod, our trailblazing hiking water filter, steps in.



The GOpure Pod: Your Trail Guardian

Imagine a hiking trip where your water tastes as fresh as a mountain spring, no matter where you fill up. The GOpure Pod isn’t just a filter; it’s a guardian for your hydration. 


Why Hikers Love the GOpure Pod

As hikers, we know that every element of our gear must enhance our connection with nature, not detract from it. This belief is at the core of why hikers everywhere are choosing the GOpure Pod. It’s not just about the convenience; it’s about transforming the hiking experience. Here’s how the GOpure Pod is making a remarkable difference in the trails:


  • Mighty Purification: Harnessing the power of advanced ceramic technology, PuriBloc, the GOpure Pod is a shield against over 99% of contaminants. From bacteria to heavy metals, this tiny titan ensures that every drop of water you drink on your hike is as pure as nature intended. It’s not just about hydration; it’s about safe, clean drinking water wherever your boots take you.


  • Mountain-Fresh Taste: Transform your water into a crisp, revitalizing elixir. The GOpure Pod doesn’t just purify; it enhances. It balances pH levels and removes unpleasant flavors, turning every sip into a refreshing mountain breeze. Never settle for less than stellar-tasting water, no matter your altitude.


  • Eco-Conscious Trekking: Embrace the green trail. The GOpure Pod is your ally in reducing environmental impact. One tiny pod replaces the need for 2,000 single-use plastic bottles, helping preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. This is not just hydration but a commitment to the environment.


  • Durability Meets Simplicity: A champion of longevity and ease. The GOpure Pod is engineered to last six months, offering continuous, hassle-free hydration. Its durable design withstands the rigors of the trail, while its simplicity makes it a no-brainer addition to any hiker’s essentials.


  • Travel Light, Drink Right: We understand the value of packing light without compromising on necessities. The GOpure Pod’s sleek, compact design is tailored for the trail. Easily fitting in your backpack, pocket, or even hooked to your belt, it ensures that purified water is always within reach.


GOpure Pod is not just an accessory; it’s a revolution in hiking hydration. By choosing the Pod, hikers are not only ensuring their own well-being but also championing environmental stewardship. It’s time to elevate your hiking experience with the GOpure Pod.



GOpure in the Wild: Versatility Unleashed

Whether you’re a solo trekker or a family on a nature quest, the GOpure Pod adapts to your adventure. Use it in hydration packs, refillable bottles, or even in your campsite kettle. It’s the sidekick you didn’t know you needed, ensuring safe, delicious water in every scenario.


Join us in our commitment to the planet. GOpure is more than clean water; it’s a cleaner earth. Choose between packaged and unpackaged Pods, and become a part of initiatives like 1% for the planet. Every sip you take with GOpure is a step toward a greener future.


Conquering Peaks with Pure Hydration

The GOpure Pod transcends being just a hiking water filter; it’s a pledge for healthier hydration and a healthier planet. Whether you’re scaling peaks or exploring forests, the GOpure Pod is your ticket to pristine hydration. Join us and elevate your hiking experience with every step, every trail, every adventure.


We do not recommend the Pod be used exclusively to purify water from stream or lakes.