Eco-friendly Water Filter

Eco-friendly Water Filter

We’ve all been there—questioning the safety of tap water or agonizing over the environmental impact of plastic water bottles. If this sounds familiar, allow us to introduce the GOpure Pod, your go-to solution for clean, purified water that’s as good for you as it is for the planet. 


Why Trust Your Tap Water?

Did you know that our water pipelines are older than some of the reruns on TV Land? And let’s not overlook the unregulated cocktail of industrial chemicals lurking around. That’s right; your tap water might just have an entire season of Breaking Bad going on at the microscopic level. 


Younger folks—infants and kiddos—are at an even greater risk. Their bodies are more susceptible to these harmful toxins, transforming what should be a simple glass of water into a game of chemical roulette.


Why GOpure Pod?

So, you’re skeptical about water purifiers. We get it; it’s a saturated market. But the GOpure Pod isn’t just another gadget you find on late-night infomercials. There’s serious science at work here!


  • Eco-friendly Impact: One GOpure Pod replaces a staggering 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles. In a world where billions of such bottles go unrecycled each year, making the switch to GOpure is practically a moral imperative.


  • Travel-friendly Design: Hopping on a plane or embarking on a road trip? The GOpure Pod is TSA-approved and small enough to fit in your pocket. Questionable hotel room water? Consider it purified.


  • Certified and Approved: Quality assurance? Check. The GOpure Pod is NSF 42-certified and also featured on EWG’s list of recommended water filters.


  • Hassle-free Maintenance: Good things often come with a catch, but not here. The GOpure Pod lasts for six months without requiring any expensive filter changes. That’s 24/7 purification with zero interruptions.


Our proprietary PuriBloc technology does the heavy lifting that standard carbon filters tap out from. It eliminates lead, fluoride, chlorine, E. coli, and other impurities. You won’t find that in your everyday water filter, let alone an eco-friendly water filter.



Healthier and Tastier Water

The notion that what’s good for you must be hard to swallow is a relic of the past. The GOpure Pod fundamentally redefines this. By optimizing the water’s pH to 7.4, we elevate the very essence of hydration.


This isn’t merely water that meets safety standards; it’s water that you’ll actually look forward to drinking. With each sip, you’re not just meeting your daily hydration goals; you’re enjoying a superior, refreshing experience.


The Economics of Pure Water

When you consider that Americans fork over $16 billion on bottled water annually, the GOpure Pod offers an economically sensible option. Priced at just $27.50, the Pod lasts six times longer than carbon filters and costs essentially pennies per day for superior water quality.


Even Pets Love It

We can’t forget our furry friends—especially when their water bowls are breeding grounds for germs. Our GOpure Pet option keeps your pet’s water pristine, bowls clean and reduces the likelihood of expensive visit to the vet for UTI or worse.


FAQ Corner


What is PuriBloc?

PuriBloc is our advanced ceramic technology designed to capture and neutralize impurities in water. It’s your water’s best friend.


How long does it last?

Each GOpure Pod lasts up to six months of continuous use and can purify up to 264 gallons of water.


Where can it be used?

Practically anywhere, from your own water bottle, the coffee maker water reservoir, hydra packs, water dispensers, humidifiers, flower vase to extend their life and even your pet’s water bowl.


Final Thoughts

With the GOpure Pod, you’re not just investing in cleaner, healthier water. You’re making a lifestyle choice that benefits your health and the planet. It’s more than a purchase—it’s a pledge for a better future.