GoPure Pet

GoPure works continuously all day long to purify and enhance your pet’s water, which ensures their water remains healthy, fresh and bowls clean.

GoPure Pet instructions.

Healthy hydration and good nutrition is essential for pet care.  GoPure Pod keeps your dog or cat healthy by providing them plenty of fresh, clean water.

Your tap water may contain lead, fluoride or other chemicals proven to be dangerous for pets. GoPure Pet will remove these impurities and other contaminants.

Did you know pet dishes are one of the main spots for germs to grow in the home? Pets have bacterial microbes in their mouths that be can be transferred to their water bowls, which in turn provides an environment for bacteria to grow.

Here’s how it works: Water continuously flows through openings in the exterior shell and is then purified through the GoPure Pod. Safely clipped into the bottom of exterior protective shell, the 2 high-strength suction cups provide secure connection to the bottom of most bowls. Designed to attach to most bowls, the pod protects from inquisitive pets.

Water Is Essential To Pet’s Health

A 10% loss of body water can cause illness in pets

  • Water constitutes 84% of a newborn puppy and 60% of an adult dog
  • Pets need to consume water 2 – 3 times their daily intake of food
  • Chlorinated water often found in municipal water systems can react with organic matter
    in the water and form dangerous, carcinogenic trihalomethanes.
  • Fluoride which is often found in tap water has been linked to various cancers in pets

Source: CDC,

Keep Your Pet’s Water Clean

Most pet’s water bowls aren’t cleaned often enough creating a perfect
environment for the growth of bacteria

Biofilms provide a safe haven for organisms like Listeria, E. coli and legionella where they can reproduce to levels where contamination of products passing through that water becomes inevitable. – Dog Naturally

Pet dishes are one of the top germ hot spots in the home. – NSF International

Dogs, cats, and other pets have bacterial microbes in their mouths and these microbes can be transferred to the pet’s water dishes providing a good environment for the bacteria to grow and cause illness. –