Shocking Tap Water Research Findings From The EWG

Shocking Tap Water Research Findings From The EWG

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A new 2019 study from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has just been released detailing a full and thorough picture of what is really hiding beneath the surface of our drinking water, and the results are stunning. An American activist group that specializes in research and advocacy in the fields of agricultural subsidies, toxic chemicals, drinking water pollutants, and environmental corporate accountability, the EWG has been invaluable in educating citizens about which chemicals and compounds they may be unknowingly ingesting on a daily basis, and they have therefore become instrumental in protecting not only our citizenry but our environment at large.

What The 2019 Findings Say

In 2017, we released our analysis of the current EWGs findings at that time and determined that while electing for filtered tap water was always the optimal choice, the majority of Americans could safely choose to consume tap water over bottled water, as long as their provider was working in line with federal regulations.

However, the new 2019 EWG findings, compiling over 32 million test results in water systems all over the United States, detected that there are in existence over 270 contaminants currently infecting our tap water infrastructure. By their projections, this could lead to an estimation of more than 100,000-lifetime cancer cases as a direct result of consuming tap water. Further, the report found that up to 10 million Americans are currently drinking water contaminated with PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a “forever chemical” linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and weight gain, and that 66 million Americans are consuming water contaminated with nitrate, a compound linked to increased rates of cancer and can cause harm to a developing fetus, present at levels 10 times higher than their safety regulations. They also found 78 contaminants linked to neurological disorders, 63 contaminants connected to developmental harm to children or fetuses, and 45 contaminants linked to hormone disruption.

PFAS 2019 Contamination USA
Screenshot from EWG Map

What can be done?

These numbers are staggering. And the conclusion is simple; there are unquestionably a high number of silent disruptors to our health and wellness laying dormant underneath the surface of our drinking water. However, after reviewing these studies, one could be swayed to the conclusion that tap water should be abandoned altogether. We think this is an unhealthy decision not only for our safety but also for the wellness of our greater environment. Many may elect to avoid tap water altogether by replacing it with single-use plastic water bottles from filtered sources, but we know this is not only a costly decision for our pocketbooks but extremely damaging to our planet and oceans.

Further, the charcoal filters utilized in most bottled water sources can only barely begin to skim the surface of combating the wide range of contaminants found within our water systems as they are unable to remove impurities such as arsenic, fluoride, and nitrates. To further grasp the dangers and inefficiencies of this solution, check out our recent article detailing the facts surrounding plastic bottled water.

Another proposed solution is reverse osmosis, a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions and unwanted molecules from our drinking water. And while this solution is extremely effective at removing impurities, carcinogens, and impurities; reverse osmosis also results in a severe reduction of healthy minerals that are vital to our health and therefore is not a viable solution. In addition, it does not hydrate your body well. Reverse osmosis water has zero electrolytes and no antioxidants which means it’s less hydrating.

The Solution

Water Purifier Gopure PitcherUltimately, EWG testing only serves to highlight the importance of introducing a strong, portable water filter system into our daily hydration habits. Portable filters like the ones engineered at GOpure, harnesses the power of diatomaceous earth, a natural positively charged material that has been serving as nature’s filtration systems for 20 million years by attracting and neutralizing contaminants. Further, the GOpure Pod utilizes a unique, advanced ceramic to create a colossal filtering surface area, allowing each pod to protect and preserve up to 264 gallons of water continuously for 6 months.

Only through systems like this can we reverse the harrowing findings present in EWGs new study, while also maintaining the positive properties and minerals inherent in our drinking water, all while ensuring that environmental sustainability remains a chief priority.

The truth is, our waters are contaminated. When left unfiltered, the water we drink is unquestionably harming us and our planet. It’s now up to us to do the work necessary to combat this. Not just for our own survival, but for the survival of the world around us. Don’t forget to stop by our shop and order your GoPure Pod today!

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