Mother Earth called and we answered. Save 2K plastic bottles today with a water filter that fits right inside your water bottle.

Mother Earth called and we answered. Save 2K plastic bottles today with a water filter that fits right inside your water bottle.

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If you had to guess, how many plastic bottles of water do you think you’ve purchased in your lifetime? And how many water filters have you bought and thrown out over the years? Imagine that number PLUS the millions of people around the world! That is a lot of waste – and comes at a great cost.

We created GOpure to change how the world drinks water. We all know single-use plastic is detrimental to Earth – and that’s just one of the reasons we created GOpure Pod, a simple, yet powerful purification filter. 

Just one tiny Pod will save 2K plastic water bottles, and best of all, it fits right inside your water bottle! 

The Smallest, Portable Water Purifier

You might be wondering: How is GOpure Pod different from other water purifiers on the market? For one, GOpure Pod fits into any reusable water bottle, making it easy to take with you anywhere you go.

While other water filters need to be used with specific pitchers or bottles, we want to save you that extra expense and the space in your fridge!

Besides, no one wants to run out of clean water in the middle of the day while your clunky water purifier is sitting at home. Our portable GOpure Pod goes wherever you go…and can be dropped into ANY container. 

With GOpure Pod, you can easily transform tap water into delicious, purified clean water for your coffee maker, your pet’s water bowl, or your own water bottle when you travel and stop to fill up and hydrate at potable water stations.

So, how does it work? Simply drop one GOpure Pod into your reusable bottle, fill up with any type of tap water, and the pod will completely purify the water in just 2 minutes! 

How do I care for my Pod? There is no need to wash the Pod everyday – just give it a good rinse the first time you use it. Whether you are traveling, hiking or just need a water break at the office, this tiny but mighty water purifier is always there to give you quick access to the cleanest water possible.

Made from Nature’s Perfect Filter

Did you know there are multiple ways to purify water, and not all of them are as effective as you think?

A Carbon “block” filter is a popular system inside many water purifiers you will find at the store. But, is it the most effective? Nope. Since Carbon filters are cost-efficient, many brands use them to purify water. But, Carbon filters do not filter out heavy metals, most bacteria, or fluoride! When water passes through carbon blocks (like little veins…) it actually holds back particles (which is a 1- or 2-part system), so the simplicity of the block can unfortunately allow contaminants to pass through easily. While this type of filter does “purify” water pretty quickly and is low in price, it is not filtering out some dangerous contaminants that we should not be drinking!

So, how did we design our Pod differently? And, why are we so proud of its advanced and innovative purification process? 

GOpure Pod is completely natural and made from food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE), which is nature’s “perfect filter”. This organic filtration powerhouse is derived from an unlimited, renewable resource that has served our planet for 20 million years! Each Pod features an advanced ceramic core made from diatomaceous earth and trace silver that performs like a magnet to continuously attract, bind and adsorb contaminants like heavy metal, bacteria and impure chemicals present in the water (see the full list here!). No other water purifier on the market is entirely eco-friendly and uses this renewable resource.

We Last Longer.

Last, but not least, GOpure Pod will perform way longer than old-school carbon water filters. You know how some filters alert you when it’s time to replace them, and you feel like you JUST replaced a few weeks ago? We’ve definitely been there. But, just one GOpure Pod will purify 264 gallons of water and last up to 6 months! Most carbon filters have to be replaced every 40 gallons of water. That’s a huge delta.

Our advanced technology purifies 6x more than carbon filters – saving the planet from thousands of single-use plastic water bottles AND saving you money.

We hope you can now see that all water filters are not made equal. And why GOpure Pod is the absolute best investment. 

We designed the smallest and most Earth-friendly water purifier to do better for our planet and our health. Order yours now and join us to help make a better tomorrow…today!

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