How To Never Use A Plastic Water Bottle Again

How To Never Use A Plastic Water Bottle Again

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Podcast Recap

Kent Atherton, the Founder of GOpure Pod, joined forces with podcaster Makenzie Marzluff on her podcast “Delighted by Life and Business.” Together they discussed how you can easily and affordably replace all plastic water bottles in your life and why you should never use plastic water bottles from both a health and sustainability standpoint. Together they are spreading awareness and educating others on the dangers of single-use water bottles.

Just like GOpure, Makenzie is an advocate for our planet and for improving the lives and health of all humans. Makenzie is the founder of DELIGHTED BY Dessert and she is an expert on plant-based eating, sustainability, holistic living, conscious leadership and more. As a part of her passion for the zero-waste movement, Makenzie brought in our very own Kent Atherton to talk about how we can all ditch the plastic water bottle – for good! Here’s a quick recap of the podcast:

The GOpure Pod

The GOpure Pod is a game-changer in terms of water purification- it’s one of the only portable personal water purification on the market compatible with any reusable water bottle. The GOpure Pod has an advanced ceramic core that is made from “nature’s filter” or diatomaceous earth plus a silver element, which promotes an ionic exchange and eliminates bacteria. The silver element also helps to maintain the hygiene of the ceramic over the course of its usage. The ceramic core works like a magnet to continuously attract, bind and eliminate contaminants while replenishing trace minerals and optimizing pH essential for human health.

This means that you can go anywhere in the world and still feel confident in drinking tap water. Once you drop the Pod into your reusable water bottle it starts working right away, but it keeps working around the clock 24/7 to give you the cleanest water possible. You can learn more about how it works by visiting the GOpure website or watch this short video.

Making a Difference

Right now about ⅓ of all Americans are using some kind of water purification system in their home, about ⅓ are doing nothing, and about ⅓ of Americans are buying massive quantities of single-use plastic water bottles. Let’s talk about that first ⅓ – drinking purified water at home. This is a great first step, however, if you are using any kind of refillable plastic pitcher it’s likely that over time your water is being contaminated by the plastic itself. One easy replacement you can make is using a GOpure pod in a glass pitcher to get the cleanest and safest water possible. Second, what happens when you leave the house? Are you reaching for a single-use water bottle? Refilling a reusable water bottle with tap water? With a GOpure pod, you can have clean tap water, wherever you go and stop buying plastic water bottles for good!

The Pod can also be used to purify the water in your coffee maker, humidifier and even your hydration pack. Hydration packs are known to be full of bacteria that builds up inside and in the hose. With a GOpure Pod in your pack you never have to worry about cleaning it again, it keeps your water fresh and clean.

The amount of single-use water bottles that are purchased every second of every day has created a major global plastic pollution crisis. Bottled water is now the number one beverage choice in America and has far surpassed any carbonated beverages. The good news is, everyone can help with this crisis.

Just one GOpure pod eliminates about 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles from reaching our oceans and landfills! That is a meaningful difference one person can make in just six months.

Is there any excuse for someone to purchase a plastic water bottle?

When asked, “Is there any excuse for someone to purchase a plastic water bottle?” Kent answered, “I can’t think of one.” It’s about breaking someone’s habits and changing the mindset that it “won’t matter if I use plastic water bottles.” When really if every person thought that way we would be in big trouble. Kent said, “I can’t think of a single instance where it would make sense to buy a plastic water bottle.”

Now you might be asking yourself – what about in natural disaster situations? – then should we buy plastic water bottles? Kent has a “think big” type of solution. You can safely store water using GOpure Pods and not have to worry about plastic water bottles degrading overtime and contaminating your water.

Right now when natural disasters occur we begin trucking in loads of bottled water. This takes a huge toll on the environment and the carbon footprint. We could literally airdrop millions of GOpure Pods because they are so light! And doing so, we could eliminate the need for millions of plastic water bottles. Kent says, “We hope to one day work with FEMA and help provide relief without burning up the carbon footprint like we are now.”

Toxic Tap Water

Every citizen has instant access to real-time information about what’s in their tap water. And if you don’t already know, you might be surprised. In urban areas, big municipalities are dumping large amounts of chlorine into the water. Chlorine is a highly active chemical and collides with other chemicals in the water creating bi-products like chloroform and other carcinogens. These contaminants are found in many places and are even above the recommended levels. One of the most common side effects listed of the contaminates is Cancer.

Here’s how to check the safety of the water in your town:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your zip code
  3. Click “view utility”
  4. Find out the total number of contaminants in your water and how many exceed EWG health guidelines.

Other Ways We Can Eliminate Plastic

  1. Stasher Bags – reusable silicone zip lock bags.
  2. Bees Wrap – a great replacement for plastic wrap. A sustainable option for food storage.
  3. Say NO to plastic bags at the grocery store. Bring your own reusable bag.
  4. Bring your own refillable mug to your favorite coffee shop and ditch the single-use cup.
  5. Try a Bamboo Toothbrush – a plant-based product with Compostable Packaging. Over 5 Billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year worldwide. Quit plastic, Brush with Bamboo.
  6. Package Free Shop – a one-stop-shop for everything you need to live a zero-waste lifestyle.

Little by little you are making a difference. Once you realize you are making a difference, then you are inspired to do more and I would encourage everyone to think that way.

Kent Atherton, GOpure founder


Big corporations and businesses can also make a difference and help us to live more sustainably. We hope one day every hotel room plastic water bottle is replaced with a glass bottle and a GOpure Pod. Office spaces can also save money and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles in their break rooms by providing employees with GOpure Pods. We are excited to continue partnering with businesses who want to make a difference for our planet.

You can listen to the full podcast to learn more about sustainable living and find out some of Kent’s favorite documentaries and learn more about sustainable living and the GOpure Pod.

Don’t forget to check out Delighted by Desserts! They create vegan, gluten-free desserts with clean ingredients that are known for delightfully surprising taste-buds all across America.

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