How Safe is Your Dog or Cat’s Tap Water?

How Safe is Your Dog or Cat’s Tap Water?

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Prevent Illness and Disease with Safer Water

We give our pets the best — organic treats, raw or holistic dog food, and all the love and cuddles in the world. So why not give them the purest, cleanest, safest water?

Here at GoPure, we’re also obsessed with our pets. Unconditional love, lessons of responsibility, endless companionship … the pros of having a furry friend are one of the most widely agreed upon concepts in American psyche.

Over 71 percent of pet owners would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant they were able to bring their pets to work every day.

With all of the fur baby love out there, we have to wonder, are we giving enough attention to our pets’ health? As pet parents, what else can we be doing to ensure they live a long, healthy, tail-wagging life?

Healthy Pets

Hydrated Pets Are Healthy Pets

One of the easiest and most important places to start is proper hydration. As with humans, dogs are made up of 80 percent water — so, as with humans, the quality of H2O they’re consuming sure does matter. In fact, carcinogens commonly found in tap water are often more harmful to dogs and cats than to people.

So how much water is enough water, exactly?

We turned to famous dog whisperer Cesar Millan for more on the subject. According to his experience, an average pup needs to drink between 8.5 to 17 ounces of water per 10 pounds. To translate: A 50 pound dog needs between 42 and 84 ounces of water to stay happy and hydrated.

“If he’s active, he’ll need even more water,” Millan advises. “A dog that’s dehydrated, or in need of water, may have sticky gums, or his eyes might look a little dry, adding, “It depends how fast he loses water, but as dehydration progresses, the dog may lose his skin pliability,” which is the skin’s ability to slip back into place when pinched.” Adds Millan, “That’s a really concerning sign of dehydration.”

Okay, so they need lots of water. But do I really need to be giving them filtered water?

Short answer: Yes, why not? Would you feel comfortable drinking the same water that you give your pets? If we prioritize drinking clean, safe water for ourselves, then we can easily do the same for them.

Over 44 percent of millennials view their furry friends as more than just a cute companion: They view them as “practice” for the real deal.

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How Clean is Your Dog’s Bowl?

Sometimes the problem is not just the water, but the bowl from where your pet is drinking.

According to Freshome, the pet bowl is one of the grimiest places in the household. If not continuously cleaned, biofilm and bacteria growth can seriously infect your pet, sometimes even requiring costly trips to the vet. Furthermore, the bacteria that your pets’ tongue puts back into the water can pose a risk as well – so basically, it’s a good idea to keep that bowl as squeaky clean as possible.

Here at GoPure, we not only want to provide clean, safe drinking water for humans, but for our beloved pets as well. Our GoPure Pet provides fresh water for our furry friends, and keeps their bowls clean – free of residue, biofilm and bacteria buildup.

What are some of your favorite hacks to keep your four-legged besties as healthy as can be?

Purchase a portable purifier for your dog or cat’s bowl, and keep them happy and hydrated!

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