GoPure Receives 2017 Eco-Excellence Award

GoPure Receives 2017 Eco-Excellence Award

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Bloc Enterprises continues commitment to a sustainable lifestyle

Wilton, CT (September 15, 2017) – PuriBloc GoPure™ – creators of the first-ever portable, reusable water purifier – has won the 2017 Eco-Excellence Award™ in the Pet Gear category for their companion product, GoPure Pet™.

The Eco-Excellence Awards, now in their 7th edition, is the only award of its kind to recognize excellence in social and environmental sustainability for products, services, companies and websites. This year, there were over 500 products reviewed and over 400,000 fan votes.

GoPure Pet features PuriBloc’s revolutionary new advanced ceramic technology to continuously purify drinking water ensuring it is clean, healthy and fresh for your pet, all day, everyday; all while keeping the bowl free of biofilm and helping reduce grass burn.

One reusable GoPure Pet will remain effective for six months and can treat up to 264 gallons of water. The Pod works like a magnet to adsorb chemical and inorganic contaminants prevalent in tap water, which can be dangerous to pets.

“The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re enhancing the most essential ingredient for your pet’s health is invaluable,” says Bloc Enterprises Founder Kent Atherton. “We strive to be good stewards of our earth so being recognized for our sustainability efforts with the GoPure Pod is a true honor.”

GoPure Pet retails for $29.95 is now available for purchase online at and select Healthy Pet retailers nationwide.

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About GoPure

The GoPure Pod is the first portable, “wine cork-size” water purifier designed to protect and transform the taste and freshness of tap water anywhere. Drop it in a water bottle, slip it in a pitcher or coffee maker for the whole family, or attach it to your dog’s drinking bowl. It’s patented technology, PuriBloc, features a highly porous ceramic that continuously adsorbs impurities, releases valuable trace minerals and optimizes pH balance essential for human health. The GoPure Pod removes lead, arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, chromium and many other dangerous contaminates now present in our nation’s tap water. Lasting six months and replacing 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles, the GoPure Pod is a simple, effective and affordable way to reduce your plastic footprint and help sustain our planet’s health. MSRP: $24.95

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