Get Plastic Out of Our Oceans with this Alternative

Get Plastic Out of Our Oceans with this Alternative

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We need to clean up our oceans. We need to significantly reduce our dependence on single-use plastic products to curb the growing epidemic. There is no debate. This week Boyan Slat, the young Dutch innovator who shot to worldwide viral fame, saw his much-hyped, multi-million dollar ocean cleanup project hit a serious snag. While some experts say they can find a solution, others are saying it’s time to go back to the drawing board. This will undoubtedly lead to more red-tape, funding requirements, and most, unfortunately, more time… which is a commodity that is rapidly running out.

Hope is not lost; however, major bottling companies are taking notice, bottled water giants like Nestle and Evian have made major commitments to reducing single use plastic bottles and major governing bodies like the EU have taken major legislative strides in reducing the plastic threat to our oceans. But like any major social issue, real change needs to take place at the consumer level for the producers to respond. As more and more alternative products become available, it is up to us as consumers to determine the level of commitment we have to fighting this crisis and which products we want to use to help us reduce our personal plastic dependency.

Why is plastic a problem?

The short answer is that it isn’t. Plastic in and of itself is not the problem, it’s what we do with it that has led to our current pollution crisis. On its own, plastic is a miracle product that has lead to countless lives saved, whether in the form of cheaper medical devices, or food preservation and distribution processes. It has also contributed largely to other sustainability initiatives as it facilitates the development of wind turbines and other alternative energy solutions.

Unfortunately, improper disposal techniques, combined with an overabundance of plastics born from a lack of education and complacency has lead to our oceans becoming a dumping ground. This zeitgeist of complacency, combined with the toxic products that take 100s of years to breakdown has resulted in the countless disturbing viral photos and videos showing the toll plastic is taking on our marine life. Thanks to media coverage and social media sharing we are now beginning to understand the problem and seeing a more educated consumer committed to reducing our personal dependence on plastics.

What are the alternatives?

The primary challenge facing existing bottle producers is finding recycled plastic that meets food grade standards for PET plastic. When they do find it, supply is limited. Startup companies, like Montreal’s Loop Industries are working to improve recycling processes and increase this supply. Cities and citizens will also need to work together to educate and execute effective recycling processes.

Aside from recycling, a growing number of plastic product alternatives have entered the market in recent years. From toothbrushes to laptop cases, new innovation is making a reduced plastic dependence more accessible to consumers than ever.

The GOpure Solution

Single-use plastic bottles are sitting near the top of the list of plastic pollution in our oceans. This is in large part a result of growing concerns over public water quality standards, growing hydration efforts, and a departure from sugary drinks by consumers. In short, bottled water consumption is on the rise, and the increase in demand has naturally catalyzed an increase in supply.

Reports show that consumers are attempting to move away from single-use plastic bottles by embracing reusable water bottles, but concerns over water quality standards remain. The GOpure Pod effectively closes this loophole, allowing you to move away from plastic bottles and still guarantee you are consuming the purest water possible.

The GOpure Pod uses an unlimited natural resource termed “diatomaceous earth,” which is a positively charged material that attracts and neutralizes contaminants in water. The natural purification process not only purifies your drinking water, but it also keeps your reusable bottles fresh for repeated use.

Fixing our plastic problem involves everyone. Let’s work together for a healthier future for our planet and ourselves!

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