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Your pet’s dish is one of the top germ hot spots in the home. Give your furry friend the cleanest, greatest tasting water with GOpure Pet! The Pod purifies and enhances the water, prevents slimy build-up in the bowl, and helps prevent grass burn.

Comes with a suction-cup holder to adhere pod to the bottom of the bowl.

Sign up for auto-pod delivery every 6 months to ensure your pet is always drinking clean.

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How it works

Drop In, Drink Up.


Earth Friendly

GoPure is completely natural and made of food-grade diatomaceous earth, nature’s “perfect filter.”

PuriBloc Technology

GoPure’s innovative purification process introduces a revolutionary advanced ceramic technology.

Works in Any Device

The Pod is portable and adaptable, able to be dropped into any device, from water bottle to coffee maker.

“As a dog mom, I feel much better knowing my guy is getting the cleanest, safest water there is. ”

Abby - Salt Lake City, Utah


Love the outdoors?

GOpure travels with you. Wherever your journey takes you, drink clean, safe and pure water with the GOpure Pod.

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GOpure is completely natural and made of food-grade diatomaceous earth, found in waters all over the world. These microscopic pores naturally attract, bind and absorb impurities.

For over 20 million years, diatomaceous earth has been nature’s “perfect filter.” Now, these pores clean you tap water daily.

It’s about the size of a wine cork — .90” x 1.95” — making it easy to drop into any water vessel.

Food-grade diatomaceous earth, also called diatomite, is a mineral of biogenic origin formed from an enormous number of microscopic silica structures made by living diatoms — single-cell micro-organisms and the base of the food chain.

The PuriBloc ceramic is made from this mined diatomite, which requires minimal energy, raw material resource consumption or cost.

PuriBloc is the innovative new water purification technology inside the GOpure pod. The technology is designed to enhance the taste of potable water by promoting and maintaining freshness, assisting pH and mineral balance and adsorbing occasional impurities and particulates.

One GOpure pod remains effective for up to six months and can treat up to 264 gallons of water over this time. (That’s 6x longer than leading carbon filter!)

One GOpure works most effectively in containers up to 3 liters in capacity. It is equally functional at volumes less than 3 liters as it acts by equilibrium dynamics as it delivers effect based on demand from the water. Any container over 3 liters will require extra time for the GoPure to work effectively or require a second Pod.

GOpure can be used in drinking water vessels, hydration packs, water coolers, coffee makers, RV and boat water reservoirs, and pet water bowls.

NOTE: The GOpure pod is only suitable for enhancing water, which has already been prepared and supplied as drinking water.

The human body is programmed to maintain a pH level of 7.4 which is slightly alkaline. In order to maintain this balance, It attempts to achieve this by a series of different compensatory strategies. These strategies can create stress on organs, tissues and body systems. A very low pH value (highly acidic) can seriously disrupt cellular activities and bodily functions and interfere with life itself. Therefore, it is vital to good health to maintain a correct pH balance without stressing the body to achieve it. Drinking water with a raised pH level helps to achieve this.

Problems can occur though if water treatment is inadequate or through events after the water has reached its destination. Contaminants can get into a container of water if the tap/faucet is not clean. Water that has been standing for a while will collect airborne contaminants. When someone takes a sip from a glass or bottle, they can transfer contaminants to the water.  After entering the water the contaminants can multiply quickly.

GOpure preserves and pH balances water while it is stored, keeping it, clean and fresh.

For optimal performance the GOpure product should be rinsed periodically to remove any accumulated impurities. If necessary, the pod can be cleaned gently under running water with a soft bristle toothbrush. GOpure is non-hazardous and can be disposed of in accordance with local recycling requirements.

For thousands of years, it was considered that water had no particular taste. In recent times, with the availability of a wide range of bottled waters, people found that they had a preference for some brands over others and it came down to taste. The taste of water is quite subtle compared to other products but as people in the last decade have become more aware of the need to keep hydrated and are now accustomed to drinking much more water on its own, they are more aware of the taste of different waters.

The taste of water may be altered in various ways. Water that is left standing in a vessel such as a pitcher or coffee water vessel gradually loses oxygen to the atmosphere – this can make the water taste stale. Additionally, over time, CO2 dissolves in the water which reacts to form carbonic acid and lowers the pH of the water, which also affects the taste.

Clean your bottle or water container thoroughly before filling with water and using your GOpure Pod for the first time.

When using the GOpure Pod for the first time rinse it under water before placing it the container. The GOpure Pod will sink to the bottom as the ceramic fills with water. This may take a few seconds. The GOpure Pod starts to work immediately. Occasionally shaking the container or swirling the pod about in the water promotes the performance of GOpure. The GOpure Pod should remain immersed and covered with water for best performance. Your bottle or container can be topped up with fresh drinking water regularly without any need to empty the residual content.


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  1. Abby - Salt Lake City, Utah

    As a dog mom, I feel much better knowing my guy is getting the cleanest, safest water there is.


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1 review for GOpure Pet Water Purifier

  1. Abby

    As a dog mom, I feel much better knowing my guy is getting the cleanest, safest water there is.

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