Why Do You Need GoPure Pod?


Do You Trust Your Tap Water?


From decades of reckless farming using chemical contaminants to industrial waste toxins, drinking water in American homes is more at risk than ever. Add to this the hundreds of pharmaceuticals being flushed into our rivers via sewage treatment plants and the quantities of lead seeping into water from old pipe infrastructure. There are a lot of reasons to question what comes out of your faucet.

Enter GoPure — a water purifier that uses a natural filter to eliminate chemical and organic impurities, heavy metals and contaminants, like lead, arsenic, chlorine and fluoride.

Protect Your Family, Reduce Your Footprint


Instead of buying massive quantities of single-use plastic water bottles for your daily hydration, consider an eco-friendly alternative. One pod lasts for 6 months (which equals 7 carbon filters, or 2,000 single use plastic bottles).

Experience the revolutionary new water purification technology: the portable, re-usable, recyclable GoPure Pod.