Quench your thirst with GoPure

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Hydration is key for a good workout.

But what’s equally important is making sure the water you’re drinking is clean and tastes great to propel your workout to the next level.

GoPure Pod, an innovative portable water purifier makes your H2o healthier than ever. It enhances alkalinity and balances pH while removing 99% of lead and arsenic, 97% of chlorine and fluoride. With no replacement filters required, it even lasts six months. Drop in and drink up and you’re already prepared for your next run.

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Skip the Energy Drinks

And give your body what it really needs- H2o.

  • A modest level of dehydration (2% of body mass) can result in a 20% decrease in physical performance levels in temperate climates and up to 40% decrease in hot temperatures.
  • Opting for water instead of sugary drinks can help reduce body weight and fat levels. An increase in drinking water to 34oz a day was associated with a 5 lbs weight loss over 12 months.
  • Drinking purified water allows you to avoid unnecessary exposure to toxins and other pathogens.
  • Drinking water has health benefits such as- healthier skin, healthier teeth and bones, healthier joints, healthier mind and body and a healthier digestive system.

A Healthy Workout Has Never Been Simpler

Not sure how to build muscle, experience optimal performance in the gym all while staying healthy at the same time? Here’s how: one portable, convenient pod- GoPure.