Revolutionary New Water Purification Device

The GoPure Pod is a revolutionary water purification device. Continually purify and enhance your water wherever you go. Just drop the GoPure Pod into any bottle, glass, pitcher or coffee maker to ensures clean, healthy, great tasting water.

Our innovative new water purification technology is designed to assist pH and mineral balance and adsorb occasional impurities and particulatesOne GoPure pod will keep working for up to six months and can treat up to 264 gallons of water over this time. Decrease plastic waste by replacing 2,000 one-liter bottles per one pod!

What makes us different from other water filtration and preservation companies?

High Porosity

Porous Ceramic is recognized as one of the best filtration media, but there are two key problems/limitations:

(i) Poor low flow rates which must be compensated by high pressure

(ii) Bio-fouling resulting in the clogging of the ceramic pores

The PuriBloc technology eliminates these two fundamental problems by creating a unique ceramic material structure that permits high flow at low pressure where the material properties prohibit bio-fouling protecting filtration performance enhancing usage longevity.

Highly Durable

It has a cleanable filter surface for prolonged life and the materials are highly durable. The hardness of Diatomatious earth, the main ingredient of PuriBloc, is measured on the Vickers Scale which is the scale that diamonds are measured on. It will not erode away during cleaning, unlike their competitors. PuriBloc is not affected in any way by extreme heat, chlorine, detergents, or disinfectants.

About the PuriBloc® Ceramic

The advanced ceramic is made from a special combination of food-grade ingredients that undergo a lengthy firing and sintering process at over 1,000ºC. The major structural component is a natural mineralized material known as Diatomaceous Earth (DE). When fired along with the other ingredients using a carefully controlled process, the high porosity advanced technical ceramic is formed. The properties of the resulting ceramic are such that the high porosity structure enables high surface area contact with water. The natural mineral-based ceramic emits trace minerals into water lacking them or adsorbs excess given certain water conditions. The trace minerals can act to alter the pH of water, influencing its alkalinity. This balancing activity together with adsorption of impurities imparts a fresher taste.