Travel Safely with GOpure this Holiday Season

Make GOpure the #1 Item on Your Packing List

Water sources can vary from country to country so take GOpure with you when are traveling abroad for business or pleasure.

GOpure, a water purification device continuously purifies and enhances your water wherever you go. Convenient and portable, it’s simple and effective. Sit back and relax; now it’s time to enjoy your trip.

People Often Take Their Drinking Water for Granted

You need drinking water whenever you go, especially when traveling internationally. Don’t take your drinking water for granted — feel confident in what you’re drinking, with GOpure.

  • 80% of travel-related illnesses are caused by drinking contaminated water
  • Those traveling to Central America and the Middle East face an especially high risk from water.
  • Travelers diarrhea or Montezuma’s Revenge, typically affects 40-60% people from industrialized nations who visit developing countries, with drinking contaminated water being the leading cause.

A Healthy Trip Starts with Travel Preparation

Drop in and drink up to keep yourself clean, safe and hydrated on your next trip. Your budget — and the environment — will thank you!

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