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GoPure Pet continuously purifies and enhances your pet’s water ensuring it is clean, healthy, and great tasting all day while preventing that slimy build-up in your pet’s bowl.

Pet dishes are one of the top germ hot spots in the home, and pets have bacterial microbes in their mouths that be can be transferred to their water bowls providing an environment for bacteria to grow.

Healthy hydration and good nutrition is essential for pet care. The most important thing you can do to keep your dog or cat healthy is provide plenty of fresh, clean water.

GoPure Pet is a portable and designed to safely attach to most bowls protecting the GoPure Pod from inquisitive pets.

When you use then promo code CLEAR at check out we will donate a portion of the sale to CLEAR, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of canine lymphoma through clinical research, and as a resource to dog owners interested in prevention and treatment of this devastating disease.