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On-the-go Hydration

Fuel Your Body

Tap water should enhance your workout, not hurt it. The GoPure Pod transforms what you get from the tap into delicious, purified water for additive-free hydration.

Each time you top off your reusable bottle, the Pod’s millions of microscopic pores go to work, filtering out 99% of common heavy metals, 99% of coliform bacteria, and 97% of common industrial byproducts.

Added Electrolytes

Transform Tap Water

The GoPure Pod releases valuable trace minerals—calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium—back into your tap water, providing your body with complete and nutritious hydration before, during, and after a workout.

Purified and enriched water helps you reach your performance potential. When your body doesn’t have to work to remove impurities, you reap the maximum benefits from exercising while hydrated—including increased attention span and better mood.

Incredible Value

Portable Purification

Saves Plastic

Each Pod purifies the equivalent of 2,000 plastic bottles, saving you and the planet from unnecessary and harmful waste.

Goes Anywhere

Drop the Pod into any device, from small neck water bottle to hydration pack, and keeps working for 264 gallons (about 6 months) of refills!

Keeps "The Funk" Away

The Pod keeps your water bottle free of bacterial buildup, so your water stays crisp and clean—even after a few days in your gym bag.

The Water Bottle Hack That Cleans As You Go

Why GoPure for Fitness?

The Pod helps you stay hydrated throughout a busy day, preparing your body and mind for the perfect workout—and keeping your water bottle fresh.

It’s the power of home filtration packed in a pod that fits in your palm, allowing you to eliminate plastic bottled water from your grocery budget.

Get free purified water from the sink, water fountain—even the hose or spigot—wherever your workout takes you.

Any reusable bottle you love—S’well, Camelbak, Kleen Kantene, Nalgene, you name it—becomes a portable purifier when you drop in and drink up, removing chemical additives and biofilm bacteria everywhere you go.

With just one Pod, you untap the potential of tap water and enjoy six months of filtered, electrolyte-enriched water for $24.95. Get yours today.

Want to keep track of when you’ll need a new Pod? Subscribe to get free shipping and a new Pod every six months!

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“I love this water purifier. I use it when I travel. Such a great purchase!”

Mark - New York, New York

“I stick it in my Healthy Human water bottle and off I go. The water tastes good. Worth every penny. I will definitely buy again.”

Jenn - Austin, Texas

“As a dog mom, I feel much better knowing my guy is getting the cleanest, safest water there is. ”

Abby - Salt Lake City, Utah

“With the pod, my water bottle never gets that smell, and my water always tastes fresh.”

Tracy - San Francisco, California

“I can taste a significant difference in overall taste and crispness. Definitely buy one, you won’t be disappointed!”

Kate - NY, New York


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