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Stay Hydrated

The Travel Hack That Keeps You Healthy

The simple act of drinking water enhances your travel experiences. Hydration can help sharpen the memory and reduce the effects of jet lag. Just drop a GoPure Pod in your bottle and refill from the airport hydration station, gas station soda fountain, or hotel room sink! The Pod actively removes impurities and releases electrolytes into your tap water.

On The Go

Avoid Premium Prices. Leave No Trace.

With the Pod, there’s no need to purchase high-dollar plastic bottled water to avoid drinking from the tap. Delicious, healthy water is available straight from the faucet.

Even better, you’ll be reducing waste and helping to preserve the beauty of the places you visit.

Wherever You Go, GoPure

Drop In, Drink Up

Long Lasting

Outperforms and outlasts alternatives like carbon filters and bottled water. The Pod will keep purifying for 264 gallons (~6 months)!


The advanced ceramic core, made from food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) and trace silver, performs like a magnet to attract, bind, and remove harmful impurities.

Pairs Well

Any reusable bottle you love—Hydro Flask, S’well, Kleen Kantene, Nalgene, you name it—becomes a portable purifier when you drop in and drink up.

Travel the Earth. Keep It Clean.

Why GoPure?

Avoiding tap water while traveling is commonplace, but it doesn’t have to be.

Tap water is regulated in the US and in many countries worldwide, but contamination still happens—sometimes as a byproduct of the purification process. (We’re looking at you, chlorine!)

The GoPure Pod packs the power of home filtration in a pod the size of your palm, making it easy to stay healthy and hydrated wherever you go, eliminating the need to purchase plastic bottled water on your trip.

In fact, one Pod purifies the equivalent of 2,000 plastic bottles of water. Healthier hydration for you and less waste for the planet.

The Pod can be used for any potable water source* across the globe. Just drop in and drink up!

Untap the potential of tap water during your next adventure. Enjoy six months of filtered, electrolyte-enriched water for just $24.95. Go to our online store to get yours today.

Want to keep track of when you’ll need a new Pod? Subscribe to get free shipping and a new Pod every six months!



*When traveling internationally, check to see if the tap water is regulated and considered potable (safe to drink) before consuming. The GoPure Pod is not recommended for use with unregulated tap water such as that in developing countries or private well systems.


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