About Us

The GoPure Pod is changing the way the world drinks water by continually purifying and enhancing your drinking water on the go. It’s also helping to save our planet: one pod replaces 2,000 single-use water bottles.

Just drop the GoPure Pod into any bottle, pitcher, glass, or coffee maker for clean, healthy, great tasting water.


About PuriBloc

PuriBloc is the innovative water purification, preservation technology inside GoPure, a portable, environmentally friendly Pod that keeps drinking water clean and safe, while also greatly improving its taste. Within seconds, contaminants found in ordinary tap water are neutralized and the pH is optimized for healthier water. PuriBloc keeps water fresher for longer and is designed for use in any water container.


About Bloc Enterprises

Bloc Enterprises, LLC is a specialized wholesale distribution company with exclusive distribution rights in the United States and United Kingdom for the new consumer healthcare product, PuriBloc. Bloc Enterprises launched its PuriBloc GoPure pod – the first portable and continuous water enhancement device – in October 2016.

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