Top Fitness Trends Of 2019

Top Fitness Trends Of 2019

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The key to a lifetime of incorporating fitness into your life is novelty, spontaneity, and adventure. With each new year comes a new slate of fitness trends designed to add a little spice into stagnating regiments and stale workouts. Science has shown that variety within our fitness routines can lead to greater gains in our strength, weight loss, mobility, and general health. So if you’re starting to feel stuck in a rut with your current fitness routine, consider adopting some of our favorite new fitness trends of 2019 into your routine and see if any of these programs give your health program the kick it needed.

HIIT Workouts

For a majority of exercise enthusiasts, the one thing holding them back from achieving their ideal workout schedule is time. But a revolutionary workout trend known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has shown how exercise enthusiasts can fit all the benefits of a full workout routine into short, condensed periods.

A HIIT practice incorporates alternating intervals of short burst sessions of intense work, with shorter sessions of rest. This can be used with cardiovascular exercises such as running, biking, swimming or the elliptical, and can even be integrated into strength training routines use of technicals such as barbell complexes.

An effective HIIT routine may include a workout comprised of sprinting at full capacity for 30 seconds, followed by a 60-second break of brisk walking. By completing this series for 5-10 rounds, you can pack all the benefits of a longer workout into a short, effective time block.

And what’s more, HIIT has been shown to carry specific benefits exclusive only to this style of training. HIIT can help boost metabolism, strengthen your heart, and can even aid in muscle building, all while reducing the overall time constraints of your workouts.

Streaming Workouts

Motivation is one of the reasons many cite for skipping workouts. To combat this, group classes led by instructors can give a sense of accountability and community while making workouts more fun and motivated. And now in 2019, a new fitness trend known as streaming workouts has allowed fitness enthusiasts to bring the camaraderie and motivation of group classes into the convenience of their own homes.

Streaming workouts are also great for those with erratic schedules, or for those who travel at a high frequency; allowing them to bring their instructor and favorite workouts with them wherever they go.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a new dietary regimen that utilizes long periods of sustaining a fasted state to boost weight loss, metabolism and possibly even expand lifespan. Intermittent fasting can be executed in a variety of ways; with some electing to execute a fasting window of 10, 12 or even 16 hours and then consolidating their eating windows into the remaining hours. This results in a general drop in caloric intake while also integrating the benefits of maintaining a fasted state.

If you’re finding yourself stuck in a weight loss plateau, consider integrating intermittent fasting and see if reducing your feeding window gives you the boost your fitness routine needed.

Wearable Technology

The proliferation and integration of wearable smart technology have led to some pretty spectacular advances in the fitness community. Today, health enthusiasts can track metrics on their fitness routines, dietary plans, and other helpful analytics through the use of wearable technology. These trackers allow for users to track steps in a day, calories and even water consumption, ensuring that they are hitting all the necessary markers for their health goals on a consistent basis.

Many trainers and fitness experts believe that one of the largest factors inhibiting weight loss goals is an inability to track progress and fitness execution properly. By integrating wearable technology, you can now ensure that you are analyzing your progress accurately and consistently.

Embracing Fitness Trends

Fitness trends can often get a bad reputation as many marginalize these workouts as nothing more than passing fads. However, incorporating new fitness trends can be a wonderful method for breaking up the monotony of outdated workouts, giving your health routine a complete reboot and reinvigorating your exercise practices.

By integrating these new fitness trends into your own routine, you may find that much-needed push to revitalize your workout, getting you happy, healthy and ready for 2020’s fresh batch of fitness routines.

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