Our Top 5 Green Businesses for 2019

Our Top 5 Green Businesses for 2019

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So often when we discuss sustainability, the future of our planet and the unbelievable harm we have done to our ecosystem; we are quick to point the finger at business as the catalyst for all this environmental destruction. But the truth is, there are so many amazing companies out there who are innovating and breathing new life into environmentalism. In 2019, “green business” is becoming much more than a buzzword; it’s becoming a revolution.

Today, there are hundreds of incredible green businesses that have structured their work around environmentalism and sustainability. So we at GOpure Pod would like to take a moment to spotlight some of our amazing colleagues for all their important work in the environmental sphere. Without further adieu, below are some of our favorite green businesses in 2019.

GOpure’s Top Eco-Friendly Companies


1. Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen is a family-owned green business based out of Chico, California that engineers stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottles, and other reusable products. Their commitment to reversing the devastating effect single-use plastics had had on the environment, and their incredible work inside their community had earned them a spot as one of the best-respected renewable manufacturers.

2. Stasherbag

Another reusable product manufacturer, Stasherbag creates functional, fun 100% pure platinum food grade silicone bags that are a smart and effective alternative to plastic. Not only are Stasherbag’s products an exceptional addition to the sustainable movement, but this green business has also made reducing plastic waste a company mission and has contributed a great deal of energy and time to raising awareness about the many environmental issues plastic is waging on our earth.

3. Rothys

A fellow colleague in our mission to reduce plastic waste, Rothys has combined sustainability with style by manufacturing shoes out of 100% post-consumer water bottles, recycled foam, non-toxic adhesives, and carbon-free rubber soles. The company’s hip, inventive ideas even caught the attention of the English royalty when Duchess Meghan Markle was recently photographed wearing these awesome eco-conscious flats.

4. CHR Hansen

CHR Hansen is a global biosciences company that researches and engineers natural solutions for a variety of industries including food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition. Most impactful, CHR Hansen develops cultures, enzymes, and probiotics that allow manufacturers to create food more sustainably while reducing the use of chemicals and additives. Currently, an estimated 1 billion people per day consume products containing CHR Hansen all natural ingredient daily, making them a very influential and impactful green business.

In 2019, CHR Hansen was nominated by Corporate Knights as one of the world’s most sustainable companies.

5. Orsted

Orsted is currently the largest energy company in Denmark and has established itself as a leader in the renewable energy movement and a figurehead for energy companies across the world to emulate. Since 2006, Orsted has reduced its coal consumption by an incredible 73% and has dedicated itself to integrating a complete phase-out of all coal energy by 2023. They have established themselves as a strong global leader in the production of wind energy, and have therefore currently cut their carbon emissions by 50% and are on track to reduce them by 98% by 2025.

Sustainability as a Core for Green Businesses

At GOpure, we understand that business has the capital, marketing power, and manufacturing abilities to make a sizable, positive impact on our environment. We have committed to ourselves to doing everything in our power to reduce plastic waste, and we love that we can work alongside so many amazing companies that have also dedicated themselves to similar values.

Together, green businesses can make an incredible impact on our world as we all fight together to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to counteract the harm we have done to our environment.

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