Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

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Did you know almost 75% of Americans are Dehydrated? In fact, if you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. About 60% of your total body weight is water and almost all of your organs depend on proper hydration in order to function at their best! You can only live 3 to 4 days without water and more than 50% of the water you need comes from the liquids you drink. Research suggests that even being slightly dehydrated is connected with a wide range of side effects like poor focus and mental performance, feeling tired, and dry skin.

Lucky for us, there is a simple solution. Grab your reusable water bottle, and your GOpure Pod and get hydrated in the healthiest way possible!

Scientific Benefits of Hydration

The many benefits of hydration serve as the core element of a complete and balanced health and wellness routine as the practice affects a wide range of health elements and markers.

Hydrating Promotes Cardiovascular Health

The cardiovascular system is critical to ensuring our organs are working correctly and efficiently and that proper nutrients can travel throughout our bodies. Conversely, dehydration lowers blood volume, making your heart work overtime to create enough oxygen for your cells. This results in more difficulty in performing not only exhaustive tasks and exercise but even routine matters like walking up and down the stairs and household chores and depreciated by a lack of hydration.

Water Helps Your Joints and Muscles

Recently, we detailed all the incredible benefits of hydration specific to exercise and fitness. One of the properties critical to athletes and health enthusiasts is the support hydration gives to your joints and muscles. Exercise is tedious to the body and nervous system, and recovery time, nutrition, and hydration all work together to ensure that your body is healing from the healthy stress of exercise.

When you are properly hydrated, the water both inside and outside the cells of contracting muscles can now move nutrients faster and more efficiently, ensuring that you have what you need to both perform and recover.

At the same time, hydration keeps your joints well lubricated, lessening the negative effects that rounds and rounds of repetitive exercise can wreak on your body.

Hydration Keeps your Skin Healthy, Supple, and Clear

Clear skin comes down to a few factors, all of which are directly affected by the quality and consistency of your hydration practices. When we are dehydrated, our skin becomes course and therefore becomes considerably less elastic resulting in the aesthetic appearance of dryness and flakiness.

Remember, much like we discussed with your joints and muscles, your skin is an organ and our organs are mostly comprised of water. Without hydration, these organs can not function at their best. Your body loses massive quantities of water per day, and replenishing that supply is the number one way to ensure a healthy balanced system.

Further, when we hydrate- we allow our organs to flush out harmful toxins that can affect the quality of our skin’s appearance, leading to fewer wrinkles, improved complexion, and a reduction in puffiness and redness.

Hydration Directly Affects Our Energy Levels and Brain Functions

Water is the key to maintaining consistent energy levels. Even mild levels of dehydration can begin to substantially decrease our mental facility and energy stores, whereas proper hydration keeps our functions consistent and healthy.

Recent studies showed even mild dehydration at levels of 1-3% of our body weight can begin to show effects and further studies are beginning to show the relationship between hydration and the impairment of key mental functions such as mood, memory, and brain performance.

Further Benefits of Hydration

The positive impact of hydration only begins to start there. Further benefits include:

  • Keeping your body cool
  • Preventing dry mouth
  • Treating headaches
  • Relieving constipation
  • Assist with weight loss
  • Treating kidney stones

Ultimately hydration supports our entire health system as a unit. When our body and health practices are in alignment, the benefits continue to compound upon themselves, leading to a significant boost in our health, mood, brain functions and most importantly; our happiness.

How to Hydrate Better in 2020

If you’re looking to boost your hydration practices here in 2020, it’s never been easier to give your water consumption habits a little boost than now.

Now there is a wide variety of smartphone applications such as Aqualert and My Water Balance that help you track your water consumption and provide visualizations to ensure that you are reaching the proper levels of hydration daily.

Further, what stops many from consuming enough water is the fear of contaminants and pollutants in our water sources. However, today the technology surrounding water purification has become extremely sophisticated, allowing us with the advent of portable filters such as the GOpure Pod, the ability to bring our own water purifiers with us to work, school and even while traveling.

Through utilizing the power of diatomaceous earth, these small, light ceramic pods act as a magnet, attracting dozens of impurities all while releasing the valuable trace minerals that make water so healthy, ultimately removing up to 99 percent of all hazardous materials in our water.

Water Fountain Bottle Gopure Purifier

How We Are Hydrating in 2020

As we consider our resolutions for the new year, one of the simplest and most effective pledges we can make to better both our bodies and our minds in 2020 is to re-dedicate ourselves to the simple yet powerful practice of intentional hydration. The benefits of a thorough hydration practice have been scientifically proven to result in a considerable increase in our health, wellness, and happiness, making the practice a natural first step in building a healthier you for 2020.

If you decide to make proper hydration the core of your resolutions this year, you will not be on your own. A recent article from the New York Times has been making waves this January, detailing the immense popularity of hydration as a new year’s resolution for 2020, while also highlighting the anxiety many are beginning to feel about the quality of their hydration habits as more and more studies reveal the necessity of the practice.

“But anxiety about water consumption could also stem from a different, more philosophical source: Hydration is now marketed as a cure for nearly all of life’s woes.

Water, in recent years, has been imbued with the powers of a mysterious elixir. The latest “it” celebrity’s skincare secret? Oh, just water. Feeling sluggish? You probably need more water. Uninspired and utterly hopeless about your career and romantic prospects? Well, have you had any water today?

People hydrate as if their reputations depend on it. They dutifully carry water bottles with them wherever they go, draining and refilling them with gusto”

While this line of thinking may come across to some as trendy or trite, this shift in attitude towards hydration comes with the backing of years and years of research.

While hydration leads to a better you, much of the single-use plastic used for water consumption is wreaking havoc on the ecosystem around us, while also flooding the water sources themselves with hazardous trace chemicals. The waste caused by single-use plastic inevitably finds its way to our oceans, damaging marine life all over the world and continuing the hazardous deterioration of our Earth.

As we make a commitment to ourselves to utilize the many advantages of an enhanced hydration practice, let’s add one more easy commitment to that list. Let’s dedicate ourselves to reducing single-use plastics and instead integrate into our practices, eco-friendly reusable water containers, and portable filtration devices that create a hydrating practice that is healthy for our bodies and healthy for our planet.

We only have one body, and we only have one planet. Let’s take care of them both with a healthy, supportive, and consistent hydration practice.

Here’s to a healthier, happier and more hydrated 2020.

Happy hydrating.

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